Care Instructions ♡



Each Serenity Handmade Jewelry piece embodies the essence of love, dedication, and deep-rooted passion. From the time of its inception to its journey to your hands, every detail resonates with purpose and emotion. As you unveil this artwork, a natural urge emerges to keep its allure intact for your lifetime and the generations to follow. The longevity and value of your jewelry is directly influenced by the care it receives. Here are some straightforward guidelines to assist you in cherishing your jewelry in its prime state:

For cleaning your Serenity piece, a mix of mild soap and warm water works best. A gentle bristle brush is ideal, but avoid harsh materials that might mar its finish. Periodically, a microfiber polishing cloth will help maintain its shine.

We advise you to take off your jewelry during sleep, showers, chores, swimming, and any strenuous or water-based activities to prevent potential harm, tarnishing of gold, or stone displacement. This guidance holds special significance for any children’s jewelry items.

For safekeeping when not in use, place your jewelry in a cushioned box, separated from other metals to avert scratches or deformations to your treasured piece.

Thank you and enjoy! 

xx With love,